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Automated Layup & Down Machine

The Automated Layup & Down Machine (ALDM) improves efficiency in tubular handling, reducing operating costs and enhancing productivity.

In a single motion, the ADLM moves one or two tubulars from the ground to the drilling floor and then pivots a tubular to a vertical position. Additionally:

    • The ALDM lifts up to 10,000 lbs. and automatically grips tubulars from 3 1/2 to 13 3/8 inches (20 inch tubulars can be handled by changing the clamps).
    • Is self-unloading from a flatbed trailer and has a 360 degree walking system for easy moving.
    • Compatible with any drill floor height up to 25 feet.
    • Equipped with a 100 hp hydraulic power unit.

How it Works

The layup & down machine is simple to operate from either the working floor or driller’s cabin. Each movement is programmed and activated by a switch. To move tubulars from the ground to the drilling floor, the ALDM:

  1. One or both sets of hydraulic clamps on the pivoting arm of the parallelogram-frame grab a tubular, one from each side of machine.
  2. The parallelgram-frame unfolds upward, lifting the tubular(s) to the working floor.
  3. The hinged arm pivots upward, positioning a tubular above the working floor.
  4. The clamps release the tubular after it’s secured to the top drive.
  5. The arm pivots downward, coming to rest on the parallelogram frame, which then folds to its original position, ready to grab additional tubulars.


Automated Layup & Down Machine – side view

Automated Layup & Down Machine – closeup