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Automated Monkeyboard

The Automated Monkeyboard (AM) eliminates the need for a derrickman, greatly improving safety, while increases the speed of tripping in and out.

It automatically handles tubulars from 3 1/2″ to 20″. The monkeyboard is designed with a patented hydraulic clamp that automatically centers on a tubular to ensure clamping is on center.

The AM can store three range-2 drill pipes (triple) and operates hands-free or in semi-automatic mode, in which a driller activates a switch to manipulate each step of the monkeyboard.

How It Works

Below are the steps taken by the monkeyboard to move a tubular from the top drive to the fingerboard:

  1. Two clamps open on the monkeyboard trolley arm.
  2. The trolley moves the clamps toward a tubular below the top drive.
  3. The clamps reach around the tubular (the trolley stops when a pressure switch is automatically activated, stopping the forward movement). The clamps then tighten over the tubular.
  4. The trolley reverses course to the fingerboards and the trolley arm rotates to a finger.
  5. A safety bar opens at the end of a finger and the clamps move forward, placing the tubular in the finger. The tubular is tilted and lowered until resting on the drilling floor.
  6. The clamps open and release the tubular. The arm withdraws from the finger, rotates, then repositions to grab the next tubular.

Automated Monkeyboard