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Automated Pipe Container

The Automated Pipe Container (APC) facilitates the transportation of pipes, casings, and collars to a drill site and then feeds the tubulars to a layup & down machine, speeding up tubular handing. It reduces workforce requirements, improves safety, and shortens move-in/move-out time.

The APC is self-unloading. Four long-stroke, negative locking, hydraulic cylinders, one fixed to each corner of the APC, rotate to a position beyond the edge of a flatbed trailer. Cylinder rods then extend to the ground and lift the APC above the trailer bed, allowing the vehicle to drive away.

Once lowered, the APC is easy to move around using a 360 degree skidding system on the base of each cylinder rod. To load an APC on a trailer, the process is reversed.

Up to seven APCs can be aligned side-by-side to feed a layup & down machine (a total of 14 when seven APCs are placed on each side of the machine). The APCs are positioned in descending heights using the hydraulic cylinders, which are controlled from the working floor or driller’s cabin. Activating a switch raises an inclinable frame inside the APC, causing pipes to roll out of the container to the layup & down machine. To load, the process is reversed.



Automated Pipe Containers

Hydraulic Cylinder in Pipe Container