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Automated Hydraulic Roughneck

The patented Automated Hydraulic Roughneck (AHR) boosts drilling efficiency, lowers costs, enhances safety, and reduces tubular wear and tear.

The AHR is equipped with an insert holder that automatically adapts to different tubular sizes,making possible the handling of tubulars from 3 1/2″ to 20″.

It also eliminated the need to replace inserts during operation. The AHR has different size hydraulic arms to ensure the torque applied to tighten a tubular is less than the torque to loosen it. The roughneck is also designed for easy maintenance.

Conventional mechanized roughnecks operate remotely, using pneumatic or electrohydraulic controls that are not automated. A skilled operator must give full attention to manipulating the roughneck’s machinery and is susceptible to fatigue and human error.

The AHR, by comparison, operates hands-free or in semi-automatic mode, during which a driller pushes a button to activate each step forward.

In hands-free mode, a computer program automatically initiates each step in a sequence of actions. At any point, a driller can switch to semi-automatic mode to closely monitor and initiate each step in the process.

How it Works

Below are the steps by the roughneck when handing makeup and breakout:

  1. The clamps move to well center (they can be shifted higher/lower on a tubular)
  2. The clamps move into position and then tighten over the tubular.
  3. The top clamp rotates to tighten/loosen the tubular to the tool joint.

Automated Roughneck

Automated Roughneck Under Construction